Letting Go…Again

Despite two consecutive poor night’s sleep, the songs we started writing with 4th graders this week are off to a great start. For example, we’re penning a song called “Kindness in Action” and another called “We Are the Dream” about MLK. Good stuff.

Sitting in my hotel room this morning, I felt so tired that I could not even get through a yoga practice. I read this morning’s ACA wisdom, instead, and it counseled me to “let go of control.” That’s a tough one for me when I feel overly responsible for completing new songs. But walking into the school with my guitar slung on my back, I repeated to myself, “trust, let go and surrender to the process.”

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Being tired and a little sick gives me the opportunity to operate in my life without both hands clutching the wheel. It’s new for me, so it feels very strange, but apparently that’s how shifting away from always trying to be in control feels. Ironically, doing less is hard!

Lucky for me, I’ve got God (or the Universe) and Beth on my side. With this perspective, life always provides the perfect situation to learn IF I am ready to receive it. Today, I was ready – even if my being under the weather was what it took for me to try it out. And Beth certainly came through.

Avid readers of this blog might recognize that I’ve gone through this before. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t already an old post titled “Letting Go” or something similar. That’s okay. Changing a behavior takes time.

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