Pure Joy

Is there anything better than dancing? I don’t think so. Songwriting, physical intimacy and a great meal are all wonderful. So, too, are laughing, a deep conversation or a good novel – but none of these compare to the act of being in the body and moving to music.

My love affair with dance started in the second grade. Our teacher, Miss Werner, regularly stopped class and allowed us to dance. I also remember Mike Woodrow’s 7th birthday party where dancing was featured between party games and cake. In one of those situations, I was awarded a large, red and white magnet for my efforts. I felt proud that my love of dancing was worth something!

Image by mohamed_hassan from Pixabay

In my childhood bedroom, I used to shut the door, turn up the music and bounce on the bed in time to the beat. My style of dance then, as now, was interpretive. I feel the music and allow it to take me on a ride. By contrast, it’s harder for me to learn difficult choreography. Eventually, I may “get it” and have fun, but I’d much rather improvise.

Throughout my life, I remember a lot of good times, but the GREAT times almost always were accompanied by some dancing.

This morning, we did a show in Yonkers, NY. At the end of the show as the classes were leaving the auditorium, I put on some Earth, Wind & Fire (September) and Beth and I enjoyed dancing on stage while entire classes of kindergartners and preschoolers (and their teachers) joined us with their own steps. It was a blast.

Image by momosmiles from Pixabay

I turned 61 years old, today. I received a lot of love in the form of calls, cards, cookies and a delicious meal of Chinese food with family members. But my favorite moment was that dance at the school, 3 minutes of playful abandon with thirty or forty adults and children leaving the stresses of life behind and just having fun.

It was pure joy.

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