Multiple Intelligences

It’s been awhile since I last posted on this blog. I asked an AI program to do it for me, but it said, “we cannot duplicate the complexity of your particular mind.” I think that was a nice way for the machine to tell me I’m a little cuckoo.

Have you been following this AI stuff? Our generation (and a couple before us) was subjected to many dystopian movies about how machines take over the world, so I have to admit that a part of me doesn’t trust the whole movement towards artificial intelligence. I’ve heard and understand the argument that it might be helpful or create new jobs. That’s certainly one possibility, but is it as likely that bad actors motivated by greed or power will run amuck? Hmmm.

Image by Thor Deichmann from Pixabay

As one person, I often think of my opinion about these larger issues as insignificant. I have placed my trust in government, institutions and, I suppose, the three or four richest billionaires.

Of course I TALK about stuff that worries me, but I rarely take action outside of voting my conscience. In that regard, I’ve given up much of my power to influence events and decisions.

A couple of months ago, I decided to try and write some protest songs like Phil Ochs or even Randy Rainbow. That’s something I would like to return to, though (truth be told) I do so with a lump in my throat. Does anyone even care?

Stay tuned.

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