Sunny St. Pete

I’m in St. Petersburg, Florida enjoying a few days of R&R with our daughter, Helen, and her boyfriend, Tate.

I arrived last night and Helen treated us to a tasty seafood meal at Captain Bill’s, one if their favorite haunts. I found that waffle fries, lightly dipped in Parmesan cheese and served with a lobster salad is quite divine.

After dinner we walked over to the beach and enjoyed the sunset. it’s glorious here – mid eighties and not yet killer humid.

Tonight, we’re having dinner with Tate’s parents, a weekly tradition for them all. Tomorrow, Helen and I will have the day to ourselves. We’ll enjoy a little shopping and lunch before she goes to her second job – waitressing at a Tiki Bar.

I’ve been to this bar before. Every night they have a special activity including “Band-Dingo” a combination of Bingo and music. It’s silly and fun.

In fact, beach towns are fun. Yeah, they can be noisy and full of traffic and some brash tourists, but there’s a lightness to beach life. I spent two summers in Bethany Beach, DE playing music, partying with friends and going to the beach every day. It was, I recall, heavenly.

Having kids and building a career causes a lot of us to lose that lighter way of being. We recaptured some if it on our 7 month RV trip. I think I need more of that. I’m too friggin’ anxious most of the time. Sigh.

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