Hello Again

It’s been a long break between posts. I would like to first say, “I’m okay and apologize for not explaining my absence to those who have been following this blog – friends I like and trust.”

I suppose I needed a break – an opportunity to pull back, finish up the school year and complete some big projects. Everything went fine and now we are days away from leaving Sullivan County for a summer of gigs and travel. It’s been a lot of work and I suppose not writing was a way to focus in and finish strong. Mission accomplished.

I hope that you have been okay, too. These are strange times we live in, so it’s very likely that some or all of you are experiencing shocks to your system, challenges that are testing your faith or just plain pissing you off. I’m imagining some of you nodding and others going, “Oh, I’m just fine.” I have experienced both of those AND some days where I feel great, too. It’s like living in a fun house where the tears flow in one moment and the laughter comes next.

I’m happy to say that my amends process, the 9th step of my work in ACA, is nearly complete. Tonight, I did some “soul to soul” amends with a couple that I don’t feel safe being with. Sometimes, that’s how we can do our work without risking more pain.

Helen, Tate and Scott

As I wrote in May, the highlight of the process (thus far) was going to Florida to spend four days with our eldest daughter. I flew down alone, rented an Airbnb and successfully went through the amends process and had fun with Helen and her beau, Tate. This was a huge win for the Bierko team.

Coming back to NY, Beth and I finished a couple of writing and recording projects that were also true team efforts. One of these, “Real Food Rules,” involved a school, two non-profits and lots of people involved in every decision. For a former “control enthusiast “ this is the epitome of learning to work cooperatively with others.

Watch the Real Food Rules video: https://youtu.be/Lbp7ricFhxI

After nearly a year of grief, change, some depression and a bunch of work I feel more resilient, relaxed and – truth be told – less willing to be Mr. Nice Guy to people who don’t care about me. More on this later.

It’s good to be with you.

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