Last night’s gig was a success. I had fun, played and sang well and the client was pleased. My voice and my fingers are a little sore, but that’s to be expected. I performed for 2 hours – a solo feat I haven’t done in many moons.

Callicoon Hills, the site of last night’s gig

My vocal range has shifted a bit. I had to drop some of the keys a half or while step, likely due to disuse or being 61, not 21. Frequently, a singer’s range changes with age. No worries. That can open me up to some different tunes and styles.

Will I do gigs like this, again? Probably. There’s no other job I can do that pays hundreds of dollars per hour – unless being a Walmart greeter has gotten more lucrative. Methinks, not. More to the point, this can be fun and I think there’s room for some growth.

I’ve always played without gadgets like drum machines or backing tracks, but I have thought about experimenting with ways of filling out the sound. For example, I own a harmony pedal, a cool piece of gear that adds vocal harmonies. I have tried looping which is au courant and I may wander down that path,again. I’m guessing that a drum and bass backing track would be the most effective. Hmmm. It would take some time to put that together, but it might be fun.

I’m ready to book our RV spots for August. We’ll be returning to the Burlington, VT area for a week at a campground on Grande Isle, an island in Lake Champlain. Then we’ll go to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, another great spot for outdoor adventures. This all comes after a week on the Hersey shore (LBI), a week in Bryn Mawr with Bill and a short stay in NY for a gig in Westchester.

Good times coming…

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