At Your Service RV

As I write this, it’s 9:15 pm and a repairman named Michael is trying to figure out an electrical problem on our RV. It’s not a major issue like the one that stranded us last year, but even small or medium sized issues tend to multiply if left unaddressed. (Homeowners and car owners know what I’m talking about.)

Thankfully, Michael was willing to make a house call at the RV site we’re staying at in Massachusetts. The guy left a family dinner to come and help us. Wow.

The thing that alerted me to the electrical problem was when the Jack that goes up and down to hitch to the truck and level the camper stopped working. I thought it was a blown fuse (nope) or a 12-volt battery that needed replacing. Yes – the battery was drained, but replacing the battery didn’t fix the problem. That’s why Michael is here. I have exhausted my knowledge!

Finding and fixing electrical shorts can be tricky and time intensive, so I’m crossing my fingers that Michael can repair the issue. 45 minutes in and he’s asked us to remove all of the stuff we have stored on one of the bunk beds (our storage area) so that he can follow the trail of the wires. The hunt continues!

At 10:00 Michael found an old mouse nest next to the converter, so we’re cleaning that up, now. This is something we’ve heard about, so we did have some poison in the RV. This could be an old nest, but in any case we’ll need to be more attentive in the future to keep the critters away. They just want a warm place, but it’s not gonna be our RV if we can help it!

By 10:30, the necessary block fuses have been changed and the telltale Jack is now going up and down. Hooray!

As it turns out, Michael’s a musician and a great grandfather, so we gave him a DVD of our children’s music. Tomorrow, he’ll be seeing his great granddaughter and we’ll have a better RV.

The Adventure is always in need of some repair.

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