Stand By Me

One of my oldest and best friends, Glenn, offered me some financial wisdom, yesterday. I called Glenn because Beth and I were seriously considering subscribing to an expensive financial newsletter to the tune of $1000/year. After patiently listening to the sales pitch I got from an online video, Glenn asked me, “Are you looking for my advice as to whether to get it or not?” I replied in the affirmative. “Absolutely and unequivocally NO!”

I reached out to Glenn because I was pretty sure he was going to offer me this opinion. I just needed to hear it from someone I trusted who has more experience than me in money matters. Like the guy on the side of the bridge thinking about jumping, I made the wise choice to dial the suicide hotline.

Asking for help comes easy to some, but not so to this man. Somewhere along the line, I developed the habit of overrelying on my own counsel. I believed it was shameful to count on others and not “stand on my own two feet.” In truth, we stand for ourselves the best when we combine our wisdom with a trusted collaborator.

My prayer is to replace my over-self-reliance with something better, one that gives me the wisdom to discern when I will be served by asking for help.

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