While driving to be with Steph on Long Island, Beth and I enjoyed a planning phone call with friends, Sandi and Paul, Among other things, we four decided to take a trip to Sedona, Arizona in January. And, thanks to their quick efforts, plans came together soon thereafter. Beautiful Sedona, here we come!

I am intrigued by the idea of leaving winter behind for a getaway with these two. Sandi, in particular, shines when it comes to planning a great itinerary, so I know we’ll have fun and learn a lot about this part of the southwest. Both of them are warm, generous and smart. I envision a fantastic trip.

As I grow wiser, I am beginning to see that I don’t need to be in charge, that putting my spin on every detail is unnecessary and, remarkably, freeing. Sure, there are times when my leadership benefits all, but when one is among other talented people of different abilities, why not let them shine?

Today, for example, Beth and I worked side by side assembling a cabinet. It was fun and fulfilling to do it together, to share the victory. Beth said, “It’s like we’re newlyweds, again!” Yes. Collaboration feels like that.

Lately, our friend, Gary, has been guiding our business in Sullivan County. Our friend, Joe, is working with us on a new iteration of the John Lennon songwriting program we wrote together during the pandemic. And Steph and her friends made all of the decisions about where to go, what to eat and more this weekend. I happily allowed her to have the honor of leading me and it was easeful.

If I allow my family, friends and clients to lead, that can free me up to be my best at something else. Instead of sweating the details about everything, I can concentrate on being present. Instead of looking for the credit that comes from always being the leader, I can joyfully, generously give that credit to another person. I can relax. As my friend, Bixby, said this week, “Scott is becoming a man of leisure.”

As I lay my head down on my pillow tonight, I feel happy, not because of what I’ve done but because I see that I don’t need to prove my worth anymore. My heart is open and I am connected to Spirit. Put another way, i can (we all can) expand without efforting, without grinding and perseverating and without letting our egos run the show. (I do grind with lifting weights, though.)

The purpose of the Adventure is changing. And so am I.

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