The Gifts

“Most people’s real, beautiful talent hides beneath the surface of their disbelief in themselves.” Scott’s text to a friend

Once, I sang with a young woman who could easily and gracefully harmonize with me. Her talent was remarkable and polished. Yet, she did not want to be a singer. Though her parents, particularly her father, nurtured her gift as a beautiful, competent singer, this young woman chose to turn her back on this gift. “It comes too easily to me.” she said. “I feel like I have to work harder than that to claim success in life. So, I’ll pursue acting.”

Needless to say, she was not a naturally good actor. And though I wish her well with whatever she chooses, I do hope she comes back to discover what I believe to be God’s gift for her.

What comes easily, what feels like play or flows from us like cool water – that could be our gift. For reasons I do not understand, though, most of us do not fully see or embrace this gift. Like my young friend, we mistakenly label our gift as it’s opposite. Instead of seeing its great value, we deride it as not enough.

This is a tragedy, but not an irreversible one. To do so, however, means we must engage in the fight of our life to…let go and let God. Hard stuff until we realize it’s not.

It’s said that the only way is through. But no one said it must be hard.

I know this to be true for me. My ability, my gift, is to spontaneously create music with others. It is easeful and simple for me yet it is also important, impressive and, sometimes, magical. Along with my open heart, it is God’s gift to me. I have experienced it dozens of times over the last 45 years. I did it twice this past weekend.

That said, I admit that I regularly demean it exactly because it comes so easily and playfully. Though it is my connection to divine energy, I often imagine it’s not enough. I do this self-sabotage thing very well. Sigh.

However, I am working to change this. It’s taking everything I’ve got, but each year I move closer to accepting who I am without reservation. BTW, this blog has helped a lot, so know, please, that you’re witnessing it is a balm on my soul. I like having you with me.

I wonder if YOU sense the gift in who you are? Is there anything that has always been with you that makes you want to jump for joy, feel the power of unconditional love or breaks your heart with beauty? I may not be asking the right questions for your gift. But I do hope you know the ones to ask. They’re probably hiding in plain sight.

May we come to know ourselves and love ourselves as much as our biggest admirers, the people who know we are light itself.

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