Costa Rica, Here We Come!

It took us a few weeks to decide, but we finally booked our 7-night Dental Vacation to Costa Rica.

We crunched the numbers repeatedly, talked with experienced friends, and consulted with two dental clinics. Everyone was super helpful and I’m very grateful for the support.

In my younger years, I would have booked the trip quickly, solely on the basis of cost or the chance to see a new country. I would not have sought out support and perseverated on the question for three, long weeks. I just didn’t have the patience back then to “sit with the decision.” This ability for discernment is a mark of adulthood that did not come easy for me. It was sooooo much easier to shoot first and ask questions later!

Beth will need one day at the beginning of our trip for phase one and another appointment for phase two before we jet back to New York. In between, we’ll have 5 nights to visit another part of the country.

We’re considering Arenal or Quepos/Manuel Antonio. Both of these areas are equally beautiful and a similar distance from San Jose where the clinic and the airport are located. So, if you have any thoughts – let me know. There’s no rush to decide and I’m open to your support.

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