What’s My Part?

This morning, October 26, I walked out the door and it was warm. By midday, or thereabouts, the temperature reached its high of 70 degrees in our area.

In 2006, An Inconvenient Truth, a documentary written and starring former Vice President, Al Gore, warned us about this. The only thing he and climatologists got wrong is when we would feel the pinch. Global warming, now called climate change, is sadly ahead of schedule.

Sitting outdoors in my shirtsleeves (I took the lounge chairs out of the barn) or riding around in the truck with the windows down might cause one to think, “this is friggin’ fantastic.” But I didn’t hear that on the checkout line at ShopRite. I believe it might be worrisome to even the Trumpiest of my neighbors. Climate change is no longer a theory.

And, yet, I still recycle. Here in Sullivan, you take your garbage and your recyclables to the town dump. It’s a feeling of, “Yeah. I do my part.” But is it enough?

We own a Prius, but Steph is currently using it on her farm job. Accordingly, we’ve been gassing up the Ford F-150 and getting 16-18 miles per gallon. On the other hand, we’re no longer living in a 2000 sq.ft. home so our cooking and heating needs are substantially less.

We will be flying to Costa Rica, Arizona and Greece over the next 8 months, so we’ll be partially responsible for some of the jet fuel emissions. I didn’t give that much thought to this when we were thinking about our trips. While in country, we will be traveling in groups of 4+, so we won’t be renting a vehicle. That’s good.

I believe that corporations, truckers, buses, local school districts, colleges and the military waste much more than the individuals in our country. If we were able to convert more of those institutions and super rich folks to greener alternatives, we could make faster, more substantive progress. And don’t get me started on private jets and yachts. That shit is out of control.

Still, we the people are not demanding that these things change. Some are, but not enough to move the dial. We’re in a pickle and most of us, like me, are hoping more than acting. That’s on us.

I need to find some new way to advocate for change, to make my voice heard. I’ll let you know what I discover. If you have any suggestions, let me know. I’m happy to work alongside my friends.

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