La Fortuna, Costa Rica (Day 2)

Yesterday, I tried to upload the zip-line videos to the blog, but that plotzed. Instead, you can view them by clicking here. These show a few of the 14 zip-lines we enjoyed that afternoon.

Here’s a photo of the Jacuzzi/Shower (and dining area) of our AirBnB. Not bad for $69 per night!

Here’s Beth on the rooftop garden chatting with some of her yoga students before Friday’s chair class. The second photo is from the street looking up at the rooftop garden.

Today, we went on a 2-hour, rainy tour in sloth territory. Unfortunately, this experience was a complete waste of time and money. In case you are considering a sloth tour, here are a few things you might try that are more exciting and less expensive: 1) turning a light switch on and off; 2) listening to William Shatner sing “Mr. Bojangles”; 3) drinking skim milk past its expiration date; 4) balancing your checkbook; or 5) patiently hearing someone tell you about their colonoscopy. These are all much more worth your time.

In case you doubt me, here’s the big moment on the tour when we saw what looked like a mother sloth and her baby. Exciting!

Beth reminded me that we were extremely lucky when we went on a whale-watching tour a couple of years ago and saw loads of them frolicking in the sea. She’s right. Still, I would like to suggest to the owners of Sloth Territory that they consider having an actor dress up in a sloth costume and do a comedy sketch or a song. That would help.

On a brighter note, we had the most amazing, simple lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed beans and rice with a mystery meat (pork?) and fresh avocado. Beth had a chicken and cheese quesadilla with a fresh corn tortilla. We split a Coca-Cola made with real sugar instead of corn syrup. The flavors are delicious here.

After an afternoon in the rainforest, we opted to spend the evening chilling out. Beth cut up a fresh pineapple and I made us a salad. We watched a documentary about Taylor Swift (Beth’s choice), a Liam Neeson action flick (Scott’s choice) and indulged in a little ice cream.

Hey, I guess we know how to be a little slothful, too!

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