La Fortuna, Costa Rica (Day 1)

Here are a couple of short videos of us enjoying a zip-line on our first full-day in La Fortuna. Beth was a little unenthusiastic, at first, but soon found it to be a wonderful way to get her first glimpse of the area. There were big smiles all around and we’re grateful to our guides for making this a Thanksgiving like no other!

As part of the package, we were invited to spend some time in the hot springs. Why not?

Beth found this cute little fellow next to our towels. Surprise!

Last night we went out for seafood (Mahi-Mahi and Sea Bass smothered with shrimp in a seafood sauce, a delightful squash recipe mimicing mashed potatoes and steamed veggies). Then, we went to the local produce market and bought local fruits and some delicious coconut cookies (see below). I AM the cookie man!

This morning, we enjoyed some eggs and a fruit salad and scouted out the rooftop garden at our AirBnB. It has good internet service, so Beth will do her chair yoga class from that vantage point. Then it’s off to find lunch, a bank and enjoy…sloths!

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