San Jose to La Fortuna (Arenal)

It’s 7:30 a.m. and we’ve been up for two hours (3 if you count me reading a JD Robb novel from 4ish until the alarm sounded). We’re in a funky hotel that looks more like a hostel. We like this place. It reminds me of the West Village. A lot more charm than the Holiday Inn

We are catching a shuttle to La Fortuna where we will spend the non-dental, vacay part of our stay. BTW, Beth got her root canal, so we’re psyched to leave the big city and doctors and journey into the rainforest…or is it a jungle? I’m not sure. (The difference has something to do with how much sun there is, I read somewhere.)

Yesterday, we enjoyed a hotel breakfast, a luncheon buffet across the street and for dinner we bought light provisions at a supermarket. I’m looking forward to having a kitchen at our AirbnB.

I am looking forward to letting go of the tension in my shoulders which typically happens 3-4 days in on a tour. It’s when the weight of logistics is replaced by joy and freedom. Coming soon…I feel it beginning!

Goodbye Holiday Inn where they are playing Christmas music and hello next stops where we will revel, I hope, in the music of nature.

Oh, Happy Thanksgiving! I’m grateful for you.

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