A Day in the Life


Sitting with my coffee and breakfast of yogurt, nuts, grapes and a little cheese, I am content. Yes, my country is in the midst of an epic struggle for its soul. Yes, there are way too many people incarcerated, food insecure and racially targeted. It’s a mess, really, in America and the world in so many ways. Still, I find contentment in my breath, our friends, the shows we perform and the children who love to be with us. Even with the ideals of our country and the world on trial, I still have hope and a belief that love will triumph.


Our shows were delightful. Prior to stepping in stage, I took a moment to pray and asked myself, “why am I doing this show?” The question, more than the answer, revealed that I need to have a reason to perform at my best. It’s not about the lines, the songs or the money. It’s about being at one with the message that is at the foundation of any piece of art. Today, I found it and the show and I felt easeful.


We arrived at our hotel a bit fatigued from a week of travel and perfromance, but we had agreed to spend a couple of hours working on our finances. So we did. I am so proud of Beth for studying with a group (Dow Janes) to become a better leader of our family finances. I have become wiser, too, and more responsible, but Beth has led us here to a place of better oversight and awareness.

My wonderful wife then filled in for another workshop leader and did a 30 minute vocal session with an online group. It was fun to listen to her do her thing.

Hungry now, we ventured out for a light dinner at a new Mediterranean chain place called “Cava.” We both had bowls filled with good quality food at a reasonable price. my vow to cut out pasta, sugar and bread has led us to healthier choices. Hooray us!

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