Not All Are Incompetent

Y’know what I hear a lot?

“Kids these days! I don’t know what’s wrong with this generation.”

I’m here to report that while that may be the case with many adult children, our two are blowing me away as they are moving through life.

Helen (29) is a born salesperson who loves her dog and Florida’s warm climate. About a year ago, she left a lucrative position in New York as a finance person at a car dealership. She moved back to Flordia where she is experimenting with different sales jobs. She hasn’t hit financial or relationship paydirt (yet) but she’s moving through the uncomfortable 20’s with grit and hope.

Recently, Helen fell for a guy who developed a really bad medical problem in his brain. Serious stuff. With only two months in the bank of their relationship, Helen stuck by her fellow as his medical advocate. It meant that she had to miss work which inconvenienced her bosses, but throughout it all she tirelessly stood by and slept by her man. I’m very proud of her.

Steph (24) is a traveling farmer. Since high school, she has spent her years seeing the USA and working on organic farms. She’s crisscrossed the country and learned invaluable lessons along the way. For the past year, she was helping to manage a farm on Long Island and developed a gleaning program that put excess food in the homes of people who needed it.

Yesterday, Steph figured out how to repair our car while it was stuck on a single-lane roadway on a local mountain. We were in the middle of two concerts 100 miles away and Steph did everything right to resolve the situation with aplomb and calm. And she did it all knowing that she was getting on a flight to Guatemala at 6am this morning. She’ll be spending 2-4 months there traveling with a friend, exploring Central America and improving her Spanish. I’m very proud of her, too.

My children are not wealthy in terms of money or possessions. Much like their parents, though, they accumulate wealth in experience and the wisdom that accompanies taking risks and surviving. As a family, we’re learning every day to recognize the vast difference between inconveniences and emergencies and take appropriate actions for both. As importantly, we’re able to help support one another. None of us lacks independent abilities, but all of us are learning that we don’t have to go it alone. In this way, we are blessed.

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