Riding The Waves

It’s ironic to me that yesterday’s post about meditation and mindfulness included more typos than any other post I’ve published in months. I’ve since gone back and improved upon it without beating myself up. I think I was sleepy and a little bit lazy about proofreading.

This morning, we arrived at a school for two performances. It was clear from the moment we arrived that the school was not ready for us. The band was rehearsing on the stage where we needed to setup and the secretary, security guard, custodian and assistant principal were all somewhat embarrassed at being unprepared for us.

Fortunately, Beth and I have experienced this situation many times. We know how to negotiate the speed bumps and not let it prevent us from reaching our goal – a good performance for the kids. Today, though, we had the added pressure of having one of our pieces of sound equipment dripping water. It rained really hard on our truck last night and a bit of water seeped in and on a partially unprotected speaker. Oy.

So, as the band struggled through their Christmas repertoire, Beth and I began setting up on the side of the stage. Then, I opened up the speaker to search for water damage. Luckily, there was none. More importantly, the band conductor finished early, thanked us profusely and the whole band and the assistant principal worked together to clear the stage.

Yay, teamwork!

The benefit of chaos upsetting one’s plan or a huge wave approaching one’s tiny boat is simple – we learn to let go and ride the waves. What else can we do?

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