Come Together!

Graham Nash, Judy Collins, Art Garfunkel Rehearse Imagine

Last night’s celebration of John Lennon was a successful evening for artists, audience, and crew. The honoree, Graham Nash, was joined by many talented headliners and a seriously skilled backing band. Most importantly, it was warming to hear an enthusiastic audience singing Imagine, Teach Your Children, Merry Christmas (War is Over) and Give Peace a Chance. As Beth said in today’s yoga class, “we need to sing together to acknowledge what is hard in life, what may scare or sadden us, and still feel hope for a different future.” Such is the power of Lennon’s greatest work and his inner light shining on us and within.

For you Beth & Scott fans, the night started with a description of where the money goes featuring an ABC news clip of us working with kids at a school in Manhattan, not far from the Dakota, Lennon’s home in NYC.

My three favorite musical moments were Lisa Fletcher singing, “Oh, My Love.” That woman could sing Happy Birthday and rock my world. The Kennedys performed “Now and Then,” with Rich Pagano (Fab Faux) and his band. The newest Beatle release gets better with every hearing and it sounded rich, full and elegant in a room like Town Hall.

I’ve been to many concerts where the sound was okay or boo-worthy, so I have to give props to guys like Joe, pictured above, who knows sound. The whole crew of union members at TH made the jump from our former venue, Symphony Space, wholly worthwhile. There’s nothing like a great sounding room and a skilled engineer to take a fantastic concert into the realm of the transcendent.

Before and after the show I got to move amongst and share some good conversations with guys and gals who worked onstage and off. It reminded me that the theater, more than any other business I’ve been in, thrives on and increases connections between the front and backstage people. And that, after you’ve mixed in great songs, players and a willing audience, is the magic of live must..

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