Ups and Downs

It’s 7:40 am and I’m on the train to New York City. For the third consecutive year, I’m working the Annual John Lennon Tribute running the slide show behind the performance. It’s my opportunity to be a backstage guy, make a little green and support the event.

Unfortunately, this year’s Tribute is on Beth’s 60th birthday. She dropped me off at the train and I will not see her until 11:00pm. She’s coming to the show, but I’ll be up in the booth and she’ll be in the audience. Fortunately for her, she’s staying with Paul and Sandi and will be with them and our friend, Maryellen, at the show. They are also meeting Gary and Judy and many other Sullivanites for a Turkish dinner.

Being in Westchester, we had a visit with my parents. We brought over a meal of roast chicken, salad and Beth’s guacamole. And, yes, I avoided the cookies, ice cream, donuts and muffins!

Steph was supposed to join us, but she opted to stay at our home. Both of our daughters are having a tough couple of weeks.

I’ve said it before – the twenties are rough years. We don’t have the wisdom or armor of later years, so every upset feels really hard. No wonder some kids (like me) medicate themselves with drugs, alcohol, work, shopping, etc. These are also years when we may look at some of our peers and think, “how do they have it all together and I don’t?” It wasn’t until my thirties that I understood, “Don’t compare your insides to someone else’s outsides.”

I’m still learning. My relationships continue to give me opportunities to learn how to dig deeper to find kindness and how to stand up for myself without knocking someone else down. For example, Beth and I love each other very much and we’re good friends., but we still act like junior high students every now and then. It stinks when we disagree or push one another’s buttons, but that’s the work of a successful marriage.

Ups and downs. That’s the journey.

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