To Rest, To Rant, To Be Human

The week after Christmas is slow for us and that’s just fine. We pause after our busy season and reassess professional and personal goals and, if we have a mind to, sleep in and take advantage of the season’s quiet message: rest now, friends.

I’m looking forward to traveling to Sedona on January 19. It will be nice to escape the muddy, grey, and brown northeast and experience a different climate and the people who call it home.

Our trip to Greece in June/July is a bit of a question mark. I think I may have written about this. Our trip leader lost her teenage son last week when he unexpectedly died from a blood clot in his heart. Beth and I are so very sad for her family.

As I think about it, I’m also angry on their behalf. My small inconveniences and troubles are nothing compared to the people all around the world who are dealing with life-and-death issues. It’s cruel, sometimes, to be human. And I think it’s okay to shake our fists and scream, “Why?” Yes – it’s an opportunity for gratitude, but it’s also my finely tuned survival mode to quickly pivot away from sadness, confusion and anger.

Put another way, a part of me is scared that ranting and raving will become an unstoppable habit. In my quieter, serene moments, though, I know that expressing these feelings are an important part of my humanness, one that I’ve suppressed for a lifetime.

The journey continues.

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