Today, I feel more powerful than I have in a long while.

Beth and I completed an autumn filled with many new work-related challenges and I’m very proud of our progress. Working with Gary S, and other partners, we have opened up a new territory here in Sullivan County and there’s lots of room to grow.

We traveled to Costa Rica and Pennsylvania and planned trips to Arizona and Greece.

I made a decision to create a boundary between me and a family member, ending a a toxic relationship that was sapping my energy. It was scary to make the change, but I now know it was a good choice. (Thank God for my wonderful therapist, Baila)

In the past month, I’ve fulfilled two commitments: 1) stop eating sugar, pasta and bread for 35 days; and 2) use an app called Duolingo to start learning Spanish. I’m “killing it” in both areas.

I’ve also returned to daily exercise and that’s a huge contributor to my overall sense of wellbeing.

Lastly, I broke through a wall and expressed my anger to a friend. My belief is that this alone has unlocked a storehouse of blocked energy. Again, I credit the work I’ve done in therapy, ACA and alongside my wife. At times, it’s been a slog, but it’s definitely worth it.

I’ve also made friends with my sadness. Sometimes, I wake up feeling that way and move through it without wondering, “What’s wrong with me?” Now, I know that every feeling, including this one of powerful happiness, will wax and wane.

I’m looking forward to moving into new challenges, traveling to more places and moving through the inevitable feelings that will accompany them. The truth is: whether we move or not, we’re gonna feel something.

And that’s okay.

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