Arizona Bound

I am writing this from a Holiday Inn 3 miles from Newark Airport just before 9pm. Tomorrow, we fly to Phoenix on a 6:40 am flight just before the snow begins anew. Our original itinerary had us leaving from Sullivan County to make a plane before 11, but that flight was cancelled and we needed to camp out in Newark instead. Such are the vicissitudes of travel.

I’ve enjoyed a week of songwriting, learning Spanish and occasionally moving snow around. We had conversations with friends, fellow ACA travelers and cooked up some healthy meals. This week will mark two months with barely any sugar, bread or pasta. Hooray for us!

I’m looking forward to seeing Arizona, particularly the natural beauty of Sedona and the Grand Canyon (Flagstaff). I’m envisioning sacred experiences, laughter and a break from the northeastern winter with friends, Sandi, Paul, Ann and Dave.

Update: 6:00 am and we’re on the plane, sitting separately but happy to have had a fairly seamless morning. My favorite moment was a 4 am, spirited conversation with the car park facility attendant. Beth and I noticed she was singing, so we talked about our mutual love of dancing.

Truth: connecting with anyone, anywhere is an option worth taking. We have the power to take the mundane moments of our day and transform them into something magical,

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