Sedona Magic, Pt. 2

If your are reading this before Part 1, I suggest going back to yesterday’s post on If, however, you enjoy reading the ending first, be my guest!

Matt introduced himself and his friend, Steve.

We were shaking hands as Beth, Paul and Sandi came out of the restaurant and joined us.

“Guys, I’d like you to meet Matt and Steve. They were just about to tell me something that you might want to hear, too.”

I will pause here to let you know that we had what I thought was a fixed plan for our day visiting various Sedona landmarks. In my mind, changing that plan was not going to fly with our group, especially Sandi who researches our plans and, like me, is not known to drift with the changing currents of the wind. I was soon to find out I was wrong about her and us.

Matt told us that he had just bought 15 acres of Sedona land that included a large building perfect for a gathering of 20 or even 200 people. Steve identified himself as the “House Elf” though we later learned he was one of the spiritual leaders. The group also had one more fellow, a master yogi and an expert in Sacred Geometry, Aya, who came with the property, too.

“If you want,” he said, “you can follow us over and we’ll show you the place right now.”

The four of looked at one another and to my surprise, all said, “Sure. Let’s go.” You could have knocked me over with a yoga breath. This was a group that had planned, discussed and confirmed today’s schedule. I expected a hard “no thanks” and what I got instead was everyone willing to follow these two strangers on a little adventure. Go figure.

Getting into the car, I pointed at the sign, again, and we all broke out in laughter. All of us thought, as one, that the sign meant nothing when we parked the car. Such was not the case and we all laughed in joyful understanding that THIS was the moment. We were in the flow of something graceful.

I could tell you everything that happened next, but that would take too long. We were with Steve, Matt and Aya for over three hours! Here are some photos.

Matt led us on a tour. From the gorgeous views of the red rocks outdoors to a series of large and small areas indoor spaces perfect for a retreat, to meet Aya and his rock gardens where we all chanted, sang and prayed together in the pagoda, to a river spot where where Steve and I talked Taoist philosophy while the rest sat and enjoyed the river and its path over the rocks. We were all floating down an inner river on the easygoing current of our chance (?) meeting, one that I believe was picked for us by unseen hands.

“There are no coincidences here,” said Matt. “Welcome to Sedona.”

I love talking to Steve, a humble man with a breadth of knowledge courtesy of his relationship with Spirit and an amazing Llama teacher who he trusted implicitly.

“Traveling from the Seen to the Unseen got easier for me,” Steve explained, “ around the 50,000 time I chanted my mantra. I’m up to 500,000 and life has become totally easeful. Everything just comes to me now. I don’t have to go and find it.” Looking into his eyes, feeling his energy, I saw that this was so. He was guiding me, too, as those of you who have followed this blog know. His wisdom was the next beacon of light on my path inward.

As a final gift, Steve and Matt took us on a hike past their property, over dry creek beds and through the woods. It took us about a half hour until we stopped at what was a juncture of two dry rivers where the Hopis are said to have come to this earth.

“A Hopi woman brought us here,” said Matt, “which is pretty awesome considering that they don’t typically share their sacred places with outsiders. The person we talked with said that this is the most sacred spot in Sedona.”

Standing in a circle, we closed our eyes. Steve shared his mantra with us. We absorbed the place, the energy and I thought, “Wow. So maybe this is why we came to Sedona.“

I broke apart from the group, pulled out my cellphone and called our friend, the one fighting cancer with the combined love of her family and friends. I wanted to share this moment with them. For me, it just seemed right. I didn’t think about it too much.

Returning to the retreat center they called 333, we used the bathrooms, took one last look around and snapped some photos. We hugged goodbye and left, hopefully to return one day soon. Matt had already hooked Beth up with George, his sales guy, so the wheels on a Sedona retreat are already in motion.

Of course, we talked about it in the car and later over dinner. As New Yorkers with decades of business and life experience, we know that it’s important to walk through the world with open eyes and research what is only a click or two away. Within minutes, we knew Matt’s background and the history of the facility. For the most part; it all looks legitimate, but that’s not what this moment was about. That comes later.

In this moment, it was an opportunity to allow and accept that there are things Unseen that exist in addition to our Seen world. Energy we cannot understand formed these rocks, the Grand Canyon (see tomorrow’s post) and the thousands of big and small things that we take for granted every day. As Steve told us, “There is so much that we cannot see, beings and energies that don’t reveal themselves, until we are really ready to see them.”

Truthfully, I don’t know what Sedona is or who I am in it. Seeing these rocks and the Canyon, I am mostly aware of how small I am compared to these grand places. Recently, I heard that there are more stars than there are grains of sand in this earth.

Steve gave me a clue when he said that we eventually see past our own bodies to something timeless. At this point, I can only feel that expanded awareness for a nanosecond. Perhaps, I am closer than I think. Perhaps it will forever beyond my grasp or will be in this lifetime. I’m just a grain of sand. What do I know?

This I do know, however: not believing takes more energy than believing. Not believing is like an electric fence. It takes energy to protect oneself from the Unseen. And as Paul said, “if we keep that fence up, we might miss what we don’t allow in.” Wise man.

Stay tuned and walk with me. It’s a starry, starry night and we can learn together.

Blessings. Peace. Love. It’s all here. Inside and outside. One. Om.

Aya’s Sacred Geometry Artwork

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