The Grand Canyon

It’s bigger, much bigger than I thought it was. In fact, a short trip for a bird from where we were standing (the south rim) to a nearby landing spot is eight miles. It’s also a mile deep. This sucker is big.

To be honest, I was overwhelmed by the immense grandeur of the Grand Canyon. I really had trouble comprehending something this large. It felt like my brain shut off the “this is incredible” language part of my cerebral cortex and retreated into “this is too much to take in.”

If I felt and thought that, I wasn’t alone. I’m sure there are others who visit a natural wonder and go into monumental shutdown.

I wasn’t unhappy, just confused about what I was experiencing. I felt better, though – more grounded – when we walked down a trail for a bit. I think I needed to be IN the canyon instead of looking AT the canyon.


Everyone experiences life on their own terms. We are very alike our brethren, for sure, but not exactly the same. This is good.

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