Arizona, Last Bits

When traveling or staying home, the goal remains the same: connect with others by being open, curious, creative and loving.

And laughing!

While in Sedona, I found myself switching between my inner child and adult selves. Sometimes, I enjoyed writing song lyrics on my own or playing and singing with Beth, Sandi, and Paul. Other times, I enjoyed learning about the original people who lived in this part of the west.

At places like Wupatki and Tuzigoot (communities inhabited between 1100 and 1400 CE) we took a step backward in time and came to understand how very sophisticated these people were.

In Phoenix, we stayed with friends, Dave and Ann S., new additions to the “People Who Have Hosted Us” family. Again, it was a place where earnest conversation and laughter were mixed with song and learning.

Ann Silverstein

I cannot tell you much about Phoenix because we spent most of our time in Goodyear, AZ. Dave and Ann, friends who once owned a summer camp we have played at for 25 years, reside there in a 55+ community called Pebble Creek. We did have one very memorable day at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix. This place is worth a 2-3 day trip on its own!

Ann and Dave, Ceramically

This is my second time staying in what is essentially a golf community and I was really impressed with the quality of life there. 11,000 people own homes in Pebble Creek and enjoy three golf courses, numerous pickleball courts, and other top-notch exercise facilities.

A hazard on the golf course?

More interesting to me was the 350 seat performing arts center that attracts bands, lecturers, etc and (here’s the kicker) allows the residents to mount their own music, dance and theatre productions. It’s as good a venue as you’d find off-Broadway and the residents and visitors flock to it. I know how very happy Dave is having this in his backyard!

They’ve also got an arts and crafts center thats expanding. It’s an entire building devoted to teaching fine arts like painting and ceramics, but also photography, woodworking and sculpture. I’m no expert, but i think the work the residents are doing is truly impressive.

Pebble Creek has over 100 clubs, two restaurants, wide streets suitable for biking and walking. I would describe the mood as jubilant, bustling with enthusiasm for life in one’s senior years. If you’re into being an active senior, Pebble Creek is the place.

I don’t know if Beth and I will ever end up in Arizona, but it certainly was fun to visit. We’ll be back!

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