Today, we are in Westchester, NY for errands and a visit to Phelps Memorial Hospital where my stepdad, Jim, is recovering from pneumonia and an emergency pacemaker operation.

The amount of cumulative stress around medical stuff for Jim and my family members is staggeringly intense. And, we know, just one more stop on the road into the sunset. We’re all aging and dying, folks.

It might be a stretch to call this a part of “Beth & Scott’s Adventure,” but I believe it to be so. In this, the final quarter of my life, I am going to be combining the things we want to do with the things we must do. And not all of them will be pleasant.

Fortunately, my family rallied around Jim and my mom, Pat. The two of them were brave, but so were my siblings and my wife. Even the grandchildren deserve credit for tuning into the situation and being present (from Mexico and Florida). I’m very proud of my family and know that I am not alone in supporting my parents. Far from it.

As I mentioned yesterday, the goal is to walk through life with love. It takes no significant, extra effort to be kind and peaceful. And when I put my head down on the pillow, I know that I’m doing my imperfect best to show up and act with good intentions. That’s the man I want to be…and am.

So, while we are planning to live our life and travel over the coming year, flexibility is important. We may be called to support our family and put our wants aside. And that’s okay.

May you and your loved ones be healthy and may we all be grateful for this day. Tomorrow is unknowable, but this moment is a gift.

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