More or Less?

I have been exploring our flight options for our Greece trip in June/July. As has always been the case, it’s darn expensive to fly to Greece and much less expensive to stay there a little longer. Accordingly, Beth has wondered aloud, “Should we extend our 11-day trip on the mainland to include some island hopping?”

So, here’s the challenge: there is always a good reason to spend money and an equally good reason to save it.

Put another way, there are benefits to more and less.

If we were to stay longer, we would almost definitely enhance the experience with more opportunities for joy, learning or relaxation.

If we were to come home after an 11-day trip, we could save the money towards another trip, expenses or savings.

Our youngest daughter, Steph, is in Mexico. After nine months of working on a farm, she decided to travel to Central America. She’s been having a fantastic time meeting people, becoming more fluent and soaking up the 95 degree heat. But she’s also wondering, “Should I stay longer or come back to participate in the next farming season in the US?”

Often, there is no single, right answer.

I think that these are the times when it’s good to be patient, to allow the quiet voice of our Higher Power to be heard. Instead of feeling like we have to make a quick decision, we can allow our fishing line to rest in the water. A bite will probably come (or not) but our efforts to make things happen might be a waste of energy.

Similarly, we are not buying a home in Sullivan, yet. Even though a part of us would like to commit 100% to putting down roots, we aren’t ready. It feels equally “right” to live closer to my parents and other clients or to get into our trailer again and become full time RVers.

For now, Sullivan is the place that feels good. The response from schools and other organizations to our programs has been great. It’s a more relaxing lifestyle (by far) than the hectic pace of NYC, Westchester or Long Island.

So, should we stand pat on our Greece trip or expand it? Do we need to decide that today? Are there people we know that can help us by providing more facts or opinions to help us decide?

More importantly, how can we sloooooow down our process to help us make our best (though imperfect) decision? I think I will pray on it.

The Adventure continues.


  1. Carol Votto

    Scott and Beth…..
    If you are going to Greece, please make at least a few islands a must; Mykonos, Santorini(unforgettable), Rhodes, Crete is a must, Patmos. Just do it……Greece is a long way away and you are not likely to return in a hurry. JUST DO IT!! Islands! Sending love, Carol & Bill

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