Date Night

I woke up this morning with the urge to see some live music. Actually, my first urge was to go to the bathroom and my second one was to make coffee. But number three was definitely live music.

There’s a local bar we’ve been looking to check out called Cabernet Frank’s. Their website proclaimed live music, but damned if they shared who was playing. Fortunately, a Bierko with an urge will not be denied, so I searched and found out that tonight is reggae night. Hot Damn!

Cabernet Frank’s
We’re Here!

Since I typically rise before 7am and music never starts until 8pm, this means that I have to carefully pace myself with rest and relaxation and a second cup of coffee around 4pm. My entire day is devoted to having sufficient energy to last until 11pm. Sad, but true. One of the few bummers about being over 60 is dancing the night away comes much harder than reading in bed until the book drops out of my hand.

Once in a while, I surprise myself and get a second wind. In those rare instances, I remember what it was like to go out at 9 or 10 and stay out until 4am.

Tomorrow, though, we have a big event: The Annual Youngsville Fire Department Pancake Breakfast. This is at 7:30 am and before Beth’s 9am yoga class. So, Scotty cannot oversleep unless we want to miss a rare, delicious gluten and maple syrup extravaganza. Priorities people!

I know what you’re thinking: rural life seems way too exciting. It’s true. Today we made our own peanut butter, bought a used area rug and took a drive. We’re living it up, kids!

Seriously, I do love the slow pace of being a country boy. I enjoy meandering more than just about anything except…live reggae! Here’s to date night with my lovely wife, the hope of some dancing and lots of smiles and 4 hot flapjacks on a cold Sunday morning.

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