I am Here

If there’s any doubt, let it be known: I am here. Beth’s is, too!

Instead of writing, I have been reading J. D. Robb novels, practicing Spanish on Duolingo, watching Grey’s Anatomy or checking out mythology videos for our upcoming Greece trip. I’ve also been creating music videos and songs for clients and working in the schools with Beth.

In the past, I always made time for blogging because it was a kind of journal for me. Lately, though, I have been expressing my thoughts and feelings with multiple, fellow travelers in ACA plus my usual therapy and Sunday meetings. Without meaning to, I transferred my expression from the page to people – not a bad thing.

That said, I’m sorry if you felt abandoned or missed the sound of my voice. I look forward to writing more, soon. There’s lots to catch up on and I want us to stay connected.

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