The Moment

I remember what it was like to be at the top of a ski run. After disembarking from the chair lift and just before the surge forward and downhill, there exists a moment unlike no other.

No. I take that back. There are other times when I have felt like I was suspended above a precipice – excited and happy and just a little bit scared, too.

I feel that way tonight. All day, in fact, I’ve felt strangely like I was teetering on the edge, balanced on my skis, enjoying the moment before the rush.

After I finished brushing my teeth, I had a thought.

“I’m glad I’m not James Taylor, Billy Joel or Paul McCartney. I’m happy being me, Scott Bierko.”

The edge I’m on is tomorrow’s trip to Nashville. It’s me being me, doing what I do, something very different than what those other most excellent fellows do.

It takes a long time to heal, to recover from the time we spent trying to be someone other than ourselves. Some never get here, but some do. I have spent literally thousands of hours and as many dollars tracking down this feeling, this moment and it is – trust me – almost impossible to maintain. It is as rare as seeing your child being born, a double rainbow and the best tiramisu I’ve ever had all in one day. And it doesn’t happen often.

Or, maybe, just maybe I’ve caught the tail of the tiger. Is it possible that I’ve arrived at a place that is more than a glimpse of heaven on earth? Time will tell if it is a shift into a new way of seeing and being or, more likely, a moment of Grace.

Regardless, the Adventure continues.

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