A week ago, I was in Nashville, Tennessee getting ready to write a song with a Veteran about the horrors of war. Tonight, Beth and I are in a hostel in Brooklyn, New York preparing to write a song about peace and love with 3rd and 4th graders, tomorrow. What a life!


It took us a little less than three hours to drive here from Sullivan County. Arriving in the mid-afternoon, we took advantage of a beautiful Spring day to walk around the Bushwick section of town. This area is probably what Greenwich Village looked like 60 years ago when Bob Dylan and others arrived. There’s still a lot of warehouses and ugly, vacant buildings, but you can see that it’s becoming something else – a bohemian enclave that will one day, sadly, morph into a place where the current residents won’t be able to afford a burrito. Until then, it’s grungy but cool as hell.

This is the first time either of us has bunked in a hostel since our college years. I decided to give it a try because it looked super clean yet full of energy in the online photos. And it is! Here are some pics of the wall art. They mirror the graffiti on the Bushwick buildings.


Hostels are interesting, but my bed was hard and short and wife o’ mine didn’t sleep too well with all of the city sounds. So much for hostels.

Driving to the gig, we easily snagged a parking place for our Prius near PS 59. Thankfully, we are a bit smarter than the last time we came to NYC. (Note to friends: don’t try and park a Ford F-150 truck in the city!)

Parking issues aside, here are the lyrics we wrote with the kids, today:

Kindness is the key for the world
Sharing it with each boy and girl
Loving all our parents and teachers
Ingredients for peace

When our friendships fall apart
We might have a broken heart
We can make the choice of forgiveness
That leads back to love

Love is like a flower that grows
When it shows up happiness flows
We’re patient with the people around us
By giving them Love

Here at P S 59
Together we can make love shine
Sharing, caring and being helpful 
That leads us to peace


Back at home in Sullivan County and very glad to be back in a place where the sound of crickets and the sight of a family of bunnies is a usual thing. I’m happy to have visited Brooklyn, but the hipsters and the rest of the city folk can have it. Beth and I are singing the Green Acres theme song.

“Farm living is the place for me…”

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