Here’s the Plan, Stan

If you’re new to the blog and don’t think you’ll be reading dozens of old (but wonderful) entries, allow me to update you on where we are, now.

Beth and I are selling our home in Yorktown Heights, New York. After 17 years of living in this beautiful writer’s treehouse, the time has come to begin a new adventure on the road. Our first stops will be one month each in Savannah, GA followed by Asheville, NC and finally, Nashville, TN.

Beth is a Kripalu yoga teacher who has been teaching gentle yoga classes and workshops virtually since the pandemic began. She’s soon to be a traveling teacher. Her classes will be broadcast from wherever we’re staying and, when the weather stops her from teaching outdoors, she’ll be in our camper doing her thing!

Scott (that’s me) will be supporting Beth and igniting his career as a singer-songwriter with his soon-to-be-released CD, “Create Without Caution”. You can listen to some of the songs if you go to the web version of this blog and scroll down to the bottom. In addition, Scott will be teaching songwriting and collaborating with other musicians and creatives (like Beth and their frequent collaborator, Jeff Raab) who love to create.

Does this mean that Beth & Scott and Friends, our children’s singer-songwriter career is kaputsky? In some ways, yes. We’ll no longer be emphasizing our live assemblies and workshops but we won’t turn away work either. The truth is that arts in education is no longer what it once was. After 30 years of plying our trade, that’s okay. It’s time for new adventures.

One of the things we will be doing is The John Lennon Real Love Project and other songwriting workshops for schools. We’ve been fortunate to team up with Theatre Within to create a virtual presentation about Lennon’s life and music. The workshop portion allows us to create and record new lyrics with students using Lennon’s original vocal and piano demo of his song, “Real Love”.

As important as doing business on the road, Beth and I will be simplifying our life and looking for “what’s next”? This may be more traveling or it may be that some place in our travels shouts out “plant your roots here.” We don’t know and we don’t need to know. That’s the fun of it.

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