Hiking with Friends

As you know, I love being outdoors and a hike in the woods with friends is my idea of heaven. Well, that and a coffee milkshake. And maybe some cuddle time with you-know-who.

When we set off on our hike, I asked everyone to name their earliest memories of being in nature. Beth recalled her time with horses. Kevin remembered falling in love with nature at four years old and Cat recalled the creek near her home where she went to immerse herself in the water. Interestingly, most of us had no memory of our parents ever setting foot in the woods.

In my boyhood, it was a stand of pine trees behind our home. I liked to go there to be alone, to get away from the bustle of family life and just be in the quiet. Long before I knew the word “meditation”, I was moving towards it with some passion.

For all of us, it was one of our first experiences with divinity, a sense that there was something within each of us that was connected to all of us.

Reaching the summit today, we took turns scaling a small, man-made rock formation. For Kevin and me, it was easy given our height and musculature. But Beth and Cat had to use a different combination of brawn and brains in order to get on top of it. I would have thought that they might have quit and said, “the hell with it.” My experience with many people, particularly us older suburban ones, would auger for a no-pain, no thank you approach. Not so with these powerful women!

Cat and Beth made it their business to get it done. I was so happy to see them dig in, use their grit AND be open to a little assistance.

Such is the way of a true adventurer, a person who sets their course, moves through the fear, and knows it’s a sign of strength to ask for help.

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