Runway Lights

Every now and then, it becomes crystal clear that it’s time for a change. Beth and I refer to this as “the runway lights lighting up.” It’s when the Universe or God or Whoever is in Charge says, “I’m going to guide you, so just follow this path.”

When Beth and I met, fell in love, and subsequently chose to start a career in children’s music – everything felt like we were being guided. People, events, and opportunities came into our line of sight and we had very little to do but sit back and let autopilot take over.

I think it’s fair to say that most (if not all) of the significant and successful things we’ve done have not been of our own design. I can give you lots of examples of projects that plotzed and every single one of them was something we tried to force into being. By contrast, the projects that “just appeared” felt natural, light, and easeful.

Making my CD, “Create Without Caution”, is an example of a project I wanted (some may call it a “vanity project”), so I raised some money, hired a producer and some musicians, and worked on it on and off for over two years. It was never, ever easeful and it was never destined to make me famous, rich or whatever I dreamed would occur. The result is a nice collection of songs that I’m proud of, for sure, but no runway lights. Not even a tiki torch. In my opinion, the Universe allowed me to get this project done, but it didn’t help very much because it wasn’t what I was really meant to do.

On the other hand, everything about The John Lennon Real Love Project has felt like dominoes falling over, one after the other. Or, if you want to go back to the airplane metaphor, it’s as if we parked the car, zoomed through security, caught a nice tailwind, and arrived refreshed at our next destination. Now, that’s a great flight!

I’m pretty sure that the Adventure was something God wanted to happen. It has always felt spiritual. Returning to the metaphor – if selling our home and leaving the life we knew was like getting pushed out of the airplane, then designing the Adventure was God saying, “let’s have Beth & Scott coast on this wind and see where it takes them.” My friend, Kevin, calls it “catching a thermal.” It also reminds me of the way hawks or seagulls play in the sky.

My sense is that there’s a landing spot, a place where the runway lights are just ahead. Events and people are starting to appear and we seem to be headed on some sort of descent to a new place.

Stay tuned and we’ll let you know when the wheels come down.

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