Three times in the last 24 hours, we gathered with students who wrote and recorded songs for The John Lennon Real Love Project. This was a new twist to our program, an opportunity to play the music videos for the kids and witness their reactions. It was glorious.

Over the course of our career, Beth and I have written and recorded nearly 500 songs with students. The songwriting sessions are hard work for everyone involved, so it must be a joyous moment when the kids hear the finished product. I say “must be” because we have never been present when the school community heard or saw the song, until this week. (We always shipped the songs out via CD and that was the end of our involvement.)

In the past, we have done live, sharing concerts with schools who have done songwriting, but this is the first time when we’ve been able to watch the student’s faces as they watched themselves. I would compare it to Christmas morning when the children open their gifts. It’s a lot better to be there!

When the videos are posted, we’ll give you a shout so you can check out their work. We hope to have the finished versions online in a month or two.

Click here for a video from last season!

As I wrote, yesterday, the John Lennon Real Love Project is a natural fit for us and an extremely beneficial program for the kids. They get to see how hard work, collaboration, and creativity lead to a finished product that’s not just good but inspiring, too. As we often tell the children during the songwriting sessions, “your work will live on.”

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Photo courtesy of Bob Gruen

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