Keuka Lake, Day 1

We’ve landed in a new camping site in Hammondsport in the heart of the Finger Lakes of New York. We’re 10 minutes east of Keuka Lake (nicknamed “the crooked lake”) and it’s as beautiful and relaxing as I remember it from our weeklong visit in 2020.

We’ll be here until July 2nd when we’ll move to another site in Savannah, NY near Cayuga Lake. That’s a total of two weeks of “aaaaaah” for us.

Unfortunately, Bradley is wearing a cone this week and will be for a number of weeks. The poor guy had a growth inside one of his ears and couldn’t stop irritating it with his paw. We have to get it surgically removed later in July, but until then (and likely after that time), he’s gonna be a “conehead”. Today, I ordered him a softer cone, so that should help him a bit.

Beth and Bradley at the Waterfront Restuarant in Hammondsport, NY

We took a ride into Hammondsport. It’s a lovely village reminiscent of the fictional Stars Hollow from The Gilmore Girls. It’s another one of those small American towns that we love – not too overrun with tourists, friendly, and near lots of natural beauty. Driving down the sidestreets, a lot of the homes look to be restored, late nineteenth-century homes. I’m sure lots of work has gone into making them look so attractive!

On Thursday, they’ve got live music in the town square and our campsite ain’t too shabby either. Pix to follow!

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