Holding On

The theme of a relationship lasting beyond its expiration date is one I’ve been mining since my early 20s. “Holding On” is probably my best swing at the topic.

When my parents split, my dating life turned into a series of long term relationships until I met and married Beth nearly 20 years later. I was always working on how to be a better husband than my dad was to my mom, so much so that therapy and other types of “the work” became my life’s goal.

Inevitably, some of those relationships went on too long as I struggled to patch them up. I never wanted to give up like my Mom and Dad. I guess I was mildly obsessed.

The narrator of “Holding On” is the me I wish I was – a guy who knows when it’s time to move on because the relationship well has run dry. BTW, I think my parent’s divorce was a good thing. It’s always been painful, but most of us grew and improved as we worked our way through the changes.

As such, this is a bittersweet tune, one with a downer of a lyric matched with a hopeful bounce in the arrangement. Such is life, huh?

God – May we hold on to what’s right, let go of what’s not and develop the wisdom to tell the difference.

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