Leave a Little Room for Jesus

A bunch of years ago, friend and fellow musician, Blake Rowe, told us all about the idea that became “Leave a Little Room for Jesus.” Supposedly, there were Catholic nuns who would travel around the floor when teenagers had a social dance reminding some amorous couples that they were dancing too close to one another. The nun, sometimes with a ruler in hand to measure the space, would say, “Leave a little room for Jesus, children!”

As soon as I heard that two things happened. First, I laughed uproariously. Second, I said, “This has got to be a song.”

There are a lot of things to like about this tune, including the story, the playing (featuring Charlie Burham on fiddle) and Regina Singel’s vocal as the Irish nun. It’s also got an easy refrain so that audiences can sing along.

It’s true that this song as well as “TV Land” are different than some of the other tunes on the album. But that’s me. I like the sad man, the loving parent or the silly nun right next to one another on the bus. My life is like that and it feels perfectly normal to have the whole gang together.

If you would rather hear the songs that are all alike, I created 3 EPS so that you can purchase stories, rockers or ballads separately.

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