Mapping, Part 1

Beth and I took a look at the map, yesterday, and sketched out a preliminary plan for the next Adventure. Our long-distance goal is to visit Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico and spend about one month in those four states. We figure about 9-12 days to get out there, spending single nights (and sometimes two), in places along the way. We like to travel for about 3 hours per day. If we figure a 10-week trip, that gives us a little more than 4 weeks to mosey home and spend some time in Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania before arriving back sometime in late October.

Once we have a basic outline of a route (see map), we’ll check out what cities or sites might interest us along the way. Our daughter, Steph, will be here in a couple of weeks and we’ll definitely get ideas from her and her good friend, Becca, both of whom have crisscrossed the USA many times.

Beth has taken a brief trip to Colorado and she loved what she saw. Otherwise, the southwest is virgin territory for us. We’re both excited to see sites like the Grand Canyon and the Rocky Mountains, but we’re equally interested in the cities, towns and, of course, the people we’ll meet along the way.

We’re also interested in what our friends might have to say, so if you’re reading this and have ideas – please let us know!

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