The Itch Returns

We’re starting to explore options for our next big, RV road-trip. When we signed the lease in Sullivan County, NY, the agreement was that we’d stay through the end of April with an option to remain through June 2023. That may sound like a long time from now, but there are a lot of moving parts for us. So, we’ve begun to look at the possible “where and when” of Beth and Scott’s next Adventure!


The ultimate destination will be the Southwest USA. This wishlist includes parts of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Utah, but that’s probably too many places for one trip. Depending upon the time of year, we could take a northern route westbound stopping to see friends in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota along the way. The trip back to NY might take us through the mid-south revisiting friends in Tennessee and North Carolina before heading north. I’d love to spend more time in Virginia on the way north. That seemed like a great state.


This feels like a two-month or ten week trip. We’re looking at Mid-August thru October as of this writing. This will allow us to pay some attention to our music in school’s business, miss the summer crowds at the Grand Canyon and enjoy great weather on both legs if the trip. I also like the idea of seeing Tennessee and North Carolina in the fall (we were there in Winter last time).


As the old song goes, “We’ve got a lot of living to do!” Beth and I were homebodies for most of our child and adult lives. We lived in apartments, a co-op and a home for nearly 30 years. But now feels like the time to move and who knows how long that’ll last? Furthermore, once you get the scent of the road in your nostrils, staying in one place just ain’t as appealing.

I’m putting this “out there” knowing full well that plans change. But I want ya’ll to see how a trip like this builds from the first itch until the time we pull out of the driveway. Perhaps, our example will give some of you the gumption to make a move. Or, just as cool, you’ll enjoy reading about us or offering us a place to hang our hats along the path. Whatever the case, I love having you with us and look forward to the next adventure we share – wherever it is!

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